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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh Pune
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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh

Why “Ayurprevencia Clinic” – Best Place for Ayurvedic Treatment in Pune

We boost your Health and Beauty with our wide array of Ayurved and Panchkarma Treatments.

Trusted since 20 years where most AFFORDABLE ayurvedic health care services are offered.

We strictly follow traditional methods in our clinic which is open Seven Days a Week.

We ensure quality and purity of treatments through Quick Plant Remedies with better palatability.

Dedicated team of doctors and therapists at our One Stop Clinic that is Check Up, Diagnosis, Medicines.

Peaceful area and tranquil environment with healing services at its best for everyone at Ayurprevencia Clinic Aundh Pune.

Rejuvenates and regenerates health and positivity with wide array of safe and high standard treatments.

For the prevention of diseases we provide season wise health alerts to patients.

We offer 50% discount in consulting fees for senior citizens ( above 65 yrs) from patient’s family.

We serve following Special Health Care Plans and tailor them according to the health condition of the patient.

# HopeLivesHere : General Health Plans which include Ayurvedic remedies, panchkarma treatments, life style changes, food stuff, yoga, preventive majors, etc.

# LifeBeginsAtForty - Solitary service in Pune to provide special care and medicines for Menopausal Women

# YourAppearanceMatters : Beauty enhancing plans add glamour and confidence to your skin, hair, beauty.

# ReliefAtLast: Plans for spondylosis, muscle and joint pain, frozen shoulder, special muscle and joint care treatments include correct diagnosis, pain management, motion and strength restoration, regimen and life style changes.

Aundh is an affluent suburb in the north-west of Pune in Maharashtra, India which is flooded with IT parks and IT professionals. So, mostly patients come with complaints like indigestion, constipation, piles due to long sitting hours, sleeplessness, stress, eye strain due to laptop exposure , arthritis, cough and asthma due to long hours spent in air conditioned rooms, neck and back pain due to wrong sitting postures, obesity, hair loss, acne due to irregular eating and sleeping habits, etc. Though they have modern life style, they crave, demand and opt for indigenous, traditional, holistic cure and way of life. Common people understand the principles of ayurved and thus ayurved is reviving. Ayurved is back due to use of natural resources as medicine to which our body system is geared through predisposition. There is a comeback of life style disorders and ayurved can very well handle this problem through advising Sadvrutt, Dincharya, Ratricharya and Rutucharya.

We cater holistic approach to everyone who visit Ayurprevncia Clinic, Aundh, Pune in respect to body-mind-soul triangle. We create treatment plans considering the individual and its constitution (Prakruti). Plan also suggests diet, exercise and yogasanas for that particular patient along with medicines which is nothing but total health care.

In clinic we explain importance of sensible life style and mental peace. Our treatment completes with the Life style and Psychological consultation. We help a few patients through Yog Nidra and Yogasana to balance their mental and physical health. With patient’s cooperation, we try to rejuvenate them with panchkarma and rasayan aushadhi too. Rasayan treatment deals with healthy life and longevity of human being. Rasayan aushadhi is useful to gain longevity, memory, intelligence, health, youthful age, complexion, voice, strength of physique, speech etc. We thus aim to boost the patient’s immunity, thus aiding in preventing and fighting against all types of diseases.

We come across patients having chronic diseases bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, insomnia, paralysis, psoriasis, stress, anemia, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism in our clinic.

Mostly panchkarma gives instant relief in various complaints.But, chronic diseases take longer period to cure. For chronic diseases, sometimes ayurvedic treatment does not offer instant relief, but it tries to vanish the root causes, ensures the diseases do not relapse or its results will last for a long. We as ayurved practitioners think beyond the tablets and capsules, put lots of efforts on food regimen, life style changes, exercises, timings of consuming medicines, anupana – a drink taken with medicine, etc for patients. We determine the beauty by prakriti (body constitution), sara (structural predominance), sanhanan (compactness of body), twak (skin completion), praman (measurement) and dirghayu lakshyana (symptom of long life). We serve Special Beauty Care Plans for acne, pigmentation, dark circles, aging, tanned skin, shedding of hair, dandruff, cracked heels, lip care, dryness, oily skin etc.

Ayurprevencia clinic is one stop clinic in aundh, pune, we provide most of the ayurvedic medicines prescribed in the clinic. These medicines are pure and in fresh form. We have 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing ayurvedic medicines. We also take care of the acceptability and palatability of medicines while manufacturing them. We dispense medicines which are tailored for that particular disease and person.

We provide joint care plans #Relief AtLast to the patients with Sandhigatavata. We prescribe and provide types of ayurvedic pain reducing medicines, massages, different guggul kalpa, lep / paste applications. We use Bala, Shatavari, Shigru, Ashwagandha, Laksha, Gulvel, Dhattur, Dashmool etc medicinal plants for manufacturing Lep, Oils, tablets etc. Our experience is a good relief to patients through these medicines. About 40 to 50% of patients improve moderately and 15 to 20 % show mild improvement. Moderate improvement lasts long.

Our panchkarma unit is very clean, calm, aesthetically designed and a great destination with pleasant experience for de-stressing and feeling relaxed. Dedicated team members with quality massage techniques is our specialty. To get fast results we combine ayurvedic medicines with panchkarma. For example, we conduct a few sessions of Matra Basti for patients who receive oral and local medicines for degenerative changes in joints / osteoarthritis to get the fast results. For patients with frequent ulcers in mouth, we advise Gandush panchkarma along with oral medicines to get the fast results. We teach some simple panchkarma like Gandush, Nasya at clinic and ask patients to perform them at home too. Patients having common cold learn Nasya panchkarma, for Asthma learn local abhyang, swedan from us and do it at home.

Doctors from Ayurprevencia Clinic have treated hundreds of menopausal women. We treat them for hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, sleeplessness, palpitation at our clinic. We provide them special diet brochures. We have helped many menopausal women with the help of panchkarma to make their life easy. We also call patients periodically at our clinic and teach them to perform yoga postures. Patients love these sessions because they learn traditional yoga postures which help them to reduce their complaints. So, visit us, call us, talk to us, experience and enjoy the panchkarma for being healthy and happy.

Ayurvedic Treatment Cost

Ayurprevencia Clinic conducts ayurvedic and panchkarma treatments in Pune. Nowadays, many medicinal plants are vanishing due to pollution and concrete jungles. Though these plants are natural sources of medicines for various ailments, our doctors feel scarcity of these plants, scarcity of quality medicinal plants. And, thus scarcity has impacted the cost of the treatments. But, Ayurprevencia Clinic conducts treatments with special care and quality, and also at affordable cost. Visit our clinic today to stay away from ailments and preserve your normal health in a natural way.