P R O D U C T S   


More than three-quarters (79%) of Indians have skewed lipid levels. Any abnormality in the level of lipids — fatty acids that are essential for the working of every cell — can lead to thickening of arteries, and thereby lead to heart problems. Almost 30% of Indians have high levels of triglycerides, according to the study 72% of Indians have low levels of HDL.

Cholesterol is not mentioned in the ayurvedic texts. Rather, the ayurvedic texts discuss meda dhatu (lipid tissue) and explain how to maintain a healthy quantity and quality of fat tissue in the body.

Above tablet helps purifies blood and muscle tissue, thus purifying the building blocks for healthy fat tissue. It strengthens all of the dhatu agnis, including meda dhatu agni, which is responsible for fat metabolism. It also enhances fat metabolism and balances the lipid levels.

One should follow healthy life style and diet restrictions to regulate the normal lipid levels. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature. Eating saturated fat should be avoided, because it can lead to imbalanced cholesterol production and disease.

Most saturated fats come from animal products. They include lard, butter, hard cheeses, cream, ice cream, beef, pork, poultry with skin, palm oil, and coconut oil. Saturated fats are often used in fried foods and desserts such as cakes and cookies. So try to avoid above food items to keep yourself healthy.