P R O D U C T S   

Mothers Massage Oil

After delivery woman undergoes many changes like sore and fragile tired body, stretch marks, saggy dull skin, lack of muscle tone and fatigue.

The postnatal massage is a full body massage that is given to a mum every day for upto 40 days after birth. The postnatal massage is a wonderful traditional practice to help soothe new mums. It can be very relaxing in the midst of the chaos of bringing a newborn home.

A postnatal massage with this oil helps to ease sore spots, relax muscle tension. It increases flexibility of the muscles and increase the flow of blood and oxygen to muscles, getting rid of the toxins.

This oil is an excellent stress buster and mood elevator. It induces good sleep. It helps to gain muscle and skin tone, to exfoliate the skin, to improve the well-being and immunity by stimulating lymph flow and speeds up recovery from delivery.